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How does AI-powered automation work?

Isometric illustration of a data processing machine printing sheets with charts and statistics, symbolic of AI-powered data analysis.


Modeling of Data Input and Output

First, we conduct a detailed analysis of your current data processing processes. In doing so, we identify clear input and output parameters for the AI. We also define relevant performance metrics in advance to measure the AI's performance.

Illustration of an interactive workshop scenario with AutomateML, where data input and output processes for AI applications are being modeled in collaboration with clients.


Schematic representation of query design and language model interfacing, including OpenAI API and GPT, for creating customized prompts.

Query Design and Driving a Language Model

We design tailor-made queries that incorporate the expertise of our customers and are specifically designed for their needs. These queries enable us to use the OpenAI API or, depending on data sensitivity, an on-premises solution with an open-source language model.


Validation and Quality Assurance

The model's outputs are technically validated through a combination of automated and manual methods and reviewed based on industry knowledge. This ensures correctness, accuracy, and relevance, and guarantees that the results meet the established performance metrics and customer requirements.

Illustration of a checklist on a clipboard, symbolizing the validation and quality assurance of AI model outputs by AutomateML.
Graphic of structured data storage representing the stage of data preparation and delivery of precisely structured data by AutomateML.


Preparation and Delivery of Structured Data

In the final phase, we convert the results into a precisely structured format that is exactly tailored to your specific requirements. This preparation ensures that the data is easily integrable and immediately usable, whether for analytical purposes or as direct input for your business processes.

Clear Data Insights with AI

Find out how our AI solutions can revolutionize your data processing. Contact us for a non-binding consultation and discover what we can do for you.

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