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Data processing


Unlock the full potential of your data with AI-powered solutions.

AI data optimization in action

Welcome to AutomateML, your expert in AI-based data processing and automation. We transform your unstructured data assets into valuable business resources and optimize your business processes with advanced, tailor-made solutions. Discover how we are revolutionizing medium-sized companies in data-intensive industries.

Isometric illustration of a data processing machine printing sheets with charts and statistics, symbolic of AI-powered data analysis.


Use AI to transform legacy data into a dynamic, structured resource.

Isometric depiction of an automated conveyor belt system for efficient data processing and management in AI technology.

Automated processing

Isometric view of a laptop with an interactive search bar, representing chat-enabled documents and AI-driven information processing.

Chat-enabled documents

Accelerate routine tasks with our AI-based tools for more efficient data use.

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Transform documents into searchable, connected information for fast, informed access.

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Logo der Firma FIXTEST, deren Daten wir mit Hilfe von KI digitalisiert haben.

Success Story: FIXTEST

Learn from this case study how we automated the digitization of thousands of PDFs for FIXTEST, achieving a 400% ROI.

Simple, robust, solution-oriented

Entering the world of AI was once considered costly, due to extensive data collections, elaborate preprocessing processes, significant resource requirements, and specialized technical expertise.
Our services revolutionize this process:

  • Lower barriers to entry: GPT-based solutions enable efficient AI entry without large investments in infrastructure and expertise.

  • Lightweight and pragmatic solutions: Our solutions are designed to address specific challenges pragmatically and with minimal complexity.

  • Robust and simple: Our GPT-based services offer innovative and reliable solutions that are straightforward and ready to use.

Stylized code depiction in a text editor, emblematic of's AI data solutions.
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